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Distinguished and Famous people from Campbelltown

Campbelltown, located in South Australia, is home to numerous distinguished and famous people who hail from the town. These individuals have made significant contributions to various fields, from science and engineering to sports and entertainment. Here are some notable figures from Campbelltown:

1. David Unaipon - Born in the Raukkan mission on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, David Unaipon was a writer, inventor, and preacher. He was the first published Aboriginal author and a skilled inventor who patented several devices, including a sheep-shearing machine.

2. Darren Lehmann - A former Australian cricketer, Lehmann was born in Gawler, South Australia, which is part of the Campbelltown region. He played for South Australia and Yorkshire before becoming a key player in the Australian team, including the World Cup-winning squad of 1999.

3. Zoe Georgakis - A young and talented gymnast, Georgakis was born in Campbelltown and started her training at the Campbelltown City Gymsports. She represented Australia at the 2020 FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup.

4. Dave Gleeson - Another famous person from Campbelltown, Dave Gleeson is the lead singer of the Australian rock band, The Screaming Jets. He was also the frontman for the band, The Angels, for a brief period.

5. Caroline Reid - Known as "Pam Ann," Reid is a comedian, actress, and cabaret performer who was born in Adelaide. She has performed in numerous cities across the world and received critical acclaim for her irreverent and hilarious take on air travel.

6. Rene Rivkin - Known for his work as a stockbroker and businessman, Rene Rivkin was born in Campbelltown and went on to make a significant impact on the Australian business community. He was one of Australia's highest-profile businessmen and became a household name in the 1990s.

7. Robert Stigwood - Born in Adelaide, Stigwood was a renowned music and film producer who worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including the Bee Gees, Cream, and Eric Clapton.

8. Gillian Rolton - A talented and successful equestrian, Gillian Rolton was born in Campbelltown and represented Australia in numerous international events. She competed in three Olympic Games, winning two gold medals and a silver medal.

9. Raelene Boyle - A former athlete and Olympic medallist, Boyle was born in Cobdogla, South Australia, which is part of the Campbelltown region. She is considered one of Australia's greatest sprinters and won numerous medals, including two silver medals and one bronze medal at the Olympics.

10. Eris Paton - An engineer and inventor who was born in Campbelltown, Eris Paton is best known for his invention of the Orbital Engine, which is used in a wide range of applications, including cars, boats, and aircraft.

These are just some of the many distinguished and famous people from the town of Campbelltown in South Australia. Their contributions to various fields serve as a testament to the potential and talent of the people who call this region home.

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